An ecosystem of experts in the legal and digital innovation sector

beLab’s ecosystem brings together companies and experts as dedicated as us to delivering excellence. Our services make the most of our partners’ state-of-the-art technology and first-rate technical skills.  

We carry out rigorous vetting to ensure we establish long-lasting partnerships that create ever-increasing value for us and clients.

Our partners

Our relationship with partners is founded on the principle of co-evolution (whereby everyone is expected to actively participate in the continued pursuit of innovation).

  • e-Discovery & investigation digital platform: Our partner is the most advanced one on the market. Thanks to the AI and technology-assisted software, users can easily and quickly index, select, analyse and process voluminous sets of complex documents. The platform can: a) automatically reconstruct interactions and categorise documents, b) perform semantic analyses on documents, c) generate a timeline of relevant facts and the main related documents, d) perform keyword searches, and e) file documents with authorities. Thanks to the versatility of the software, we can devise the best technical solutions based on the chosen analysis strategy, and efficiently and quickly analyse voluminous sets of documents to be able to focus on relevant information.
  • e-Discovery service provider: We partner with an international team of experts with extensive and multi-practice experience in e-Discovery and investigation. The team supports clients with strategic planning, optimising configuration of the e-Discovery platform, choosing the right technical solution, and defining internal processes. This partnership has enabled us to optimise our technical solutions for e-Discovery. Our e-Discovery specialists receive extensive technical training to ensure they are able to support clients with day-to-day activities. Our partnering team of experts are also on hand to provide operational support on more complex projects. 
  • Forensic service provider: Our partner provides data acquisition and document extraction services and has all the usual digital forensics certifications. It uses the most advanced hardware and software, thus allowing us to follow best practices concerning data integrity and retention in relation to preliminary physical data acquisition.
  • International business intelligence provider: One of the most renowned grants us access to a global database to provide KYC services and background checks. Our partner’s excellent reputation means we can trust that the information is verified, up-to-date and comprehensive – and thereby guarantee clients accurate and comprehensive analyses.  
  • National business intelligence provider: Our partner’s reach goes beyond Italy. It provides detailed analyses of natural and legal persons by analysing databases, records and public archives to enable clients to make informed decisions. In-depth knowledge of the field and the ability to carry out investigations into vertical relationships make advanced, detailed screenings possible when KYC and background checks raise possible red flags.
  • Cybersecurity expert: Our partner specialises in security and safeguarding of critical IT infrastructure. Its expertise combined with our compliance know-how primely positions us to help clients identify the best risk management strategy for cybersecurity, through planning and implementing technical-organisational measures in line with national and EU regulations and international best practices.
  • AI automation platform provider: Our partner is one of the most innovative international companies in legal tech. It provides us a no-code platform that enables our experts to develop automatic drafting applications for agreements and other legal documents.
  • Compliance solution provider: Our partner is an Italian legal tech company specialised in digital platforms for corporate governance and risk and compliance management. The partnership enables us to develop innovative technological solutions and compliance management services in response to market needs.