Services to help rigorously vet target companies

Transaction services aim to collect, analyse and interpret financial, tax, commercial and legal information made available by target companies throughout due diligence investigations.

Support is on hand for both purchasers and sellers before and after transactions, including to ease business’ digital transformation.

Our transaction services:

  • dedicated pre-transaction services
  • due diligence
  • data interpretation and custom reporting
  • post-transaction digital transformation
  • post-acquisition analyses
  • ongoing assistance

Due diligence investigations and document review

Did you know that surveys carried out by top M&A management platforms have shown that most stakeholders consider due diligence the trickiest phase of any deal?

We know exactly how tricky this phase can be, which is why we came up with an innovative service that makes due diligence more analytical and more efficient for all extraordinary transaction stakeholders.

Our due diligence services

Custom reports, smart analysis and technology-assisted document review are just some of the services we offer. Our skilled team will assist you with the main aspects of a transaction and be on hand to help with any related needs.

Whether you’re evaluating an ‘M’ or an ‘A’, acquiring real estate or analysing large volumes of receivables (NPLs/UTPs), we always know where to look next – that’s one of the benefits of having a dedicated deal manager for the entire process.

Our skills and experience ensure thorough due diligence analyses spanning several fields, including:

  • corporate law
  • extraordinary transactions
  • banking and financing agreements
  • NPL portfolio assignments
  • employment law and human resources
  • Italian and international commercial agreements
  • IP and IT
  • administrative permits, licences, and authorisations
  • environmental law
  • privacy law
  • 231 compliance
  • litigation

How does legal due diligence work?

How do we carry out legal due diligence investigations? Ours is a straightforward, step-by-step process:

  • Start: We create a model for the process and put the team together
  • Analysis: This is the most critical part. We liaise directly with the stakeholders. The efficiency of our approach ensures a clear, detailed picture of the transaction, which in turn allows us to detect the most problematic aspects and propose solutions
  • Delivery:  Our reporting typically consists of the following:
    • A red flag report drawn up in accordance with legal design principles that can be immediately put to good use and paints the full picture of the legal analyses carried out. The executive summary highlights the most problematic aspects and our recommendations on how to best address them
    • An interactive due diligence dashboard that you can access anywhere any time to view an interactive version of the report. This innovative platform is designed with you in mind

Document review to interpret due diligence data

Sometimes a large volume of documents needs analysing and a red flag report is just not enough. That’s when our document review service comes in.

We know that achieving goals with a tight timeline requires the utmost efficiency and organisation. With the aid of our innovative platforms and AI, we are able to tackle even the most demanding of deadlines – and can condense information into reader-friendly summary tables.

Our document review service cuts costs and ensures fast, expert, innovative and multi-level analysis.

How do we carry out a document review? With our tried and tested review process, it couldn’t be easier:

  • Start: we map out the number and type of documents to be reviewed and put together a team to carry out the review
  • Analysis: the team analyses the documents with the aid of cutting-edge technology
  • Delivery: the findings are presented along with the project manager’s insights