beLab’s e-Discovery & Litigation Support services can help your business

In today’s digital world, most corporate documents are stored as electronic data. Even small businesses can have complex data infrastructures, which can make it difficult to collect and organise documents and other information in the initial phase of litigation. That’s where our e-Discovery & Litigation Support services can make a difference.

Our technology helps you manage your e-Discovery needs and provides you litigation support

Successful dispute management requires careful examination of countless potentially relevant documents – all while preserving the integrity of the information they contain.

Our e-Discovery & Litigation Support services are designed to help your business handle complex litigation efficiently. With us, you can always have key information at your fingertips, contain costs, and at the same time be sure that your e-Discovery needs are handled by a team of experts in the technology.

Our team works with you to come up with the most time- and cost-efficient way to collect, organise and analyse information and documents for complex litigation.

Use e-Discovery and Document Review software for optimal management of your litigation workflow

We use the most advanced e-Discovery and document review software on the market. That combined with our experience allows us to efficiently manage all phases of e-Discovery & Litigation Support, including:

  • identification of electronically stored information (ESI) and document sets subject to e-Discovery
  • identification of the key people (custodians) and document sources (emails, text files, spreadsheets, slides/presentations, instant messages)
  • preservation of ESI to prevent destruction/alteration
  • collection and export of ESI aided by technological tools and forensic experts
  • processing of ESI, if it needs to be converted into a different format – often an image file – to aid review and analysis (the originals are preserved so that further forensic analysis can be conducted if needed)
  • document review, which is the core of e-Discovery application and entails the review of all documents selected for investigation in order to identify elements relevant to the case in question
  • analysis of reviewed documents based on content and context, including identification and summary of persons of interest, topics covered, communication methods used, and any other detail that could be useful to decide the litigation strategy
  • presentation of documents to investigating authorities in the form requested by the authorities and in compliance with the standards and best practice of the field

Our technological tools can streamline your litigation workflow

We have the IT tools and legal skills to:

  • reduce data processing times: average of 100,000 documents/day
  • map interactions between the parties: reconstruction of communication chains (inc. email) to gain a clear picture of the various interactions through tree diagrams
  • classify document sets automatically: human review of a sample of documents to train the AI-powered machine learning technology in our analysis software so that it can automatically classify the remaining document set and immediately identify the potentially most relevant documents
  • create a timeline of the relevant facts: a chronology of events starting with the documents identified as most relevant
  • conduct targeted searches: searches of the entire document set to better understand the issues at hand and prepare the best possible company strategy to manage them
  • generate reports: reports during and at the end of each stage of the investigation