Internal investigations: added value for your business

Never before have top management and key departments been held to the degree of accountability as now. What with increasingly complex regulations, a growing focus on ethics and increasing scrutiny from judicial and supervisory authorities, timely and effective management of the following issues is a must:

  • critical issues that emerge from judicial investigations, internal audits (by compliance or internal auditing departments) or inspections by supervisory authorities
  • red flags about the possible commission of criminal or administrative offences within the company
  • situations that require action to restore compliance

Our dedicated team conducts all phases of internal corporate investigations across a wide range of business sectors using state-of-the-art technological tools.

The Investigation Centre: a dedicated team for internal investigations

Our Investigation Centre is home to a team who deals exclusively with corporate compliance and internal corporate investigations: their focus allows us to conduct in-depth investigations and highquality reviews at competitive prices.

Dedicated software and expert technicians for data processing in internal investigations

We use the most sophisticated technological tool in the field of investigations and eDiscovery. It allows us to process and analyse large, complex document sets quickly and efficiently.

Our team includes an eDiscovery specialist who supports us daily with:

  • data entry, import and processing
  • identification of the most appropriate technical solutions based on the analysis strategy
  • technical management of the software

We offer fellow legal experts (criminal, compliance, competition, tax, etc.) continuous strategic support throughout all phases of investigations. Here are some of the things we handle:

Data import and processing

Client-provided data is plugged into the software’s analysis platform and then filtered (e.g., by file type, email domain or time interval) to reduce the number of documents to be analysed. The metadata and content required for subsequent analyses are then selected from the resulting document set. Duplicates are also identified and removed from the document set.

Indexing and selection of documents to be reviewed

Key words are used to identify the documents to be reviewed and additional time filters are applied to key people. We also identify text duplicates in non-identical documents and sort email chains so as to focus our analysis only on those containing entire conversations.

Review protocol

We come up with a review protocol for reviewers that contains a summary of key facts, key people, and the classification criteria to be used during the document review.

Document review

We examine the documents in the document set, manually and using technologyassisted review tools. We then classify the key documents by importance and subject matter based on tagging criteria established in advance by the client.

Quality check

Our senior professionals check the review team’s classification choices.

Second-level document review support

The team acquires in-depth knowledge of document sets during the review, making them a great resource to have on hand also for second-level reviews.

IT tools and expertise for investigation services

Internal investigation services are undoubtedly complex – that’s why the advantages of legal expertise and advanced technological tools cannot be underestimated.

We have the IT tools and technical skills to:

  • reduce data processing times: average of 100,000 documents/day
  • map interactions between parties: reconstruction of communication chains (inc. email) to gain a clear picture of the various interactions through tree diagrams
  • classify documents automatically: human review of a sample of documents to train the AI-powered machine learning technology in our analysis software so that it can automatically classify the remaining document set and immediately identify the potentially most relevant documents
  • create a timeline of the relevant facts: a chronology of events starting with the documents identified as most relevant
  • conduct targeted searches: searches of the entire document set to better understand the issues at hand and prepare the best possible company strategy to manage them
  • generate reports: reports during and at the end of each stage of the investigation


Competitive pricing is guaranteed. There’s a cost component tied to data storage on our platform (based on the number of gigabytes processed) and a review fee based on the number of documents to be reviewed, as established by the review statistics and KPIs agreed with the client. Monitoring progress of KPIs is a breeze.