beLab is a public limited company wholly owned by the law firm Bonelli Erede Lombardi Pappalardo. Its corporate purpose is to provide high-tech alternative legal services and solutions.

beLab S.p.A. is subject to management and coordination by the law firm Bonelli Erede Lombardi Pappalardo.

Board of Directors

Alessandro Musella – President
Michel Miccoli – CEO
Andrea Carta Mantiglia – Director
Eliana Catalano – Director
Marcello Giustiniani – Director
Michela Maccarini – Director
Umberto Nicodano – Director
Stefano Simontacchi – Director
Gabriele Zucchini – Director

Steering Committee

Giulia Bianchi Frangipane
Eliana Catalano 
Tommaso Faelli
Marcello Giustiniani
Michela Maccarini 
Manuela Malavasi
Michel Miccoli
Alessandro Musella
Umberto Nicodano 
Vittorio Pomarici
Gabriele Zucchini

Board of Statutory Auditors

Silvia Chiavacci – Chairwoman
Chiara Pozzi – Standing auditor
Stefano Giovanni Belandi – Standing auditor