We have created a series of innovative legal services at a particularly advantageous price (annual fee) that use digital technology. Support ranges from setting up the 365 Compliance digital platform to managing your compliance system hand in hand with our trusted partners.

A new user experience in compliance management systems

Our compliance management services are designed to take care of the implementation and ongoing management of your compliance programme. This minimises the effort required from corporate bodies and reduces the related investments and costs; at the same time, it makes normally very expensive control and monitoring activities much more cost-efficient to implement and optimise the user experience.

365 Compliance: the digital platform for compliance management services

The combination of 365 Compliance and its web app allows you to reach new levels of effectiveness, simplicity and, above all, employee engagement in implementing and managing your company’s compliance needs.

365 Compliance allows you to fully implement your compliance programme so that you can be sure your company complies with Italian and international regulations and best practices. And it allows you to constantly monitor your programme, provide realtime in-depth analysis and reporting, and demonstrate the effective implementation of your compliance programme to corporate bodies and authorities at any time.

If your company already has anti-bribery certification, our digital technology can help you better manage some of the activities required by the ISO 37001 standard: background checks and business associate management, risk assessment updates, communication and training services, support to help employees understand and apply internal procedures, anti-bribery management system monitoring, and whistleblowing management.

Digital transformation of compliance management

The combination of our compliance management services and the 365 Compliance digital platform allows you to digitally transform your company’s compliance in the following areas:

  • risk assessment and monitoring
  • policy management
  • employee awareness, engagement and training
  • third-party management
  • whistleblowing

The web app means you can access the entire compliance document management system anywhere anytime.

The key advantages of compliance going digital


An integrated system allows the different modules and components to interact with each other. This means simplification, effectiveness and immediate availability of all information.


Integration with data analytics makes it possible to interpret data – making for better business intelligence – and produce analytical reports in a short time.


The platform’s features use an AI interface that provides users state-of-the-art online search and support capabilities.

Our compliance management services

We have extensive experience implementing and managing compliance programmes, which combined with the best technologies means our team of compliance management experts can support you every step of the way in your digital transformation process.