231 model training: digitally transform in-house training

Our digital platform has a dedicated feature that allows you to set up training programmes for your employees, identify the best training method (in-person or online), prepare the related materials, and conduct targeted training sessions for top management, employees and in-house trainers.

Our team specialises in implementing and providing training on 231 models:

  • modular approach for company departments
  • in-depth study of the risks and possible ways of committing offences, with practical examples
  • identification of control points that individual departments can establish to mitigate the risk of offences being committed

231 training: an innovative approach using digital tools

You can upload 231 training activities and related support materials to the digital platform to create a filing system that contains all training carried out with the related tests.

The platform also allows you to manage your employees’ engagement in training.

  • Training materials: filing system for 231 model training materials, available to employees 24/7
  • 231 app for employees: mobile app to stay up to date on 231 matters, access protocols and procedures, carry out training and testing, and ask questions and request assistance