Risk assessment: the baseline of compliance

Many companies find it difficult to carry out risk assessment and monitoring on a regular basis, as these activities – and the subsequent processing of the results – are often burdensome to manage.

This generally requires using internal resources and independent contractors.

beLab Compliance Centre: professionals dedicated to risk assessment

Our experienced team is on hand to periodically assess risks and monitor your compliance system. Never before has it been so efficient and easy to:

  • identify the compliance system’s key users, i.e., the people who play a key part in identifying roles and implementing the system
  • set up a survey system based on company-specific questions and indicators that allow you to verify existing risks and key users’ level of knowledge and implementation of the system
  • process survey results
  • provide regular reporting structured according to your needs
  • monitor employees’ degree of knowledge and application of policies

Risk assessment: the advantages of our digital approach

Our platform’s risk assessment and monitoring service digitally transforms the process, making it efficient and usable.

A special app allows key users to quickly and easily complete risk surveys and surveys to check they are using the compliance system correctly.

Key users can access the surveys they are responsible for and fill them in through the app. The surveys are then processed by the platform, which, based on the answers provided, identifies the risks associated with the organisation’s operations and rates them based on predetermined criteria.

The platform provides statistics and indicators relating to the various risks a company comes across in its operations, broken down by department, business unit, geographical area. It also provides customised reporting of risk analysis results.

Our platform allows you to break down the regulatory obligations underlying your company’s compliance and analyse them by process. This way, appropriate procedures and controls can be linked to each process.

Verification and monitoring during risk assessments

All key users are given access to an app that verifies and monitors their level of knowledge of, and their application of, your company’s compliance policies. The app also enables you to carry out periodic reporting.

Drilling down even further, the app allows you to:

  • know the level of adherence to corporate policies for specific business areas in real time and, where appropriate, in the different geographical areas your company operates in
  • generate statistics and indicators that enable you to monitor your compliance system using a dedicated dashboard that features all significant indicators
  • generate a report complete with a broad range of statistics and comparisons
  • draw on suggestions and concrete examples to address any of the system’s shortcomings
  • point out the strengths and weaknesses of your compliance system and analyse the situation in light of the main risks and characteristics of your business
  • obtain periodic proof from key users of their knowledge and adherence to compliance rules (as required by international standards)

Innovation and digitalisation for risk assessment and monitoring

The use of an innovative digital system not only speeds up timing and enhances information flows but also allows you to optimise all phases of the risk assessment process.

Our digital platform has a dedicated service that gives you the following features:

  • only one integrated risk assessment for all compliance areas
  • special questionnaires/surveys that you can organise by similar groups of predicate offences/compliance areas, with an indication of the related sensitive activities, mechanisms for applicable controls and evaluation questions on potential gaps
  • launch and management of risk assessment programmes by engaging risk owners in online workshops
  • online completion of risk assessment questionnaires/surveys by the competent risk owners, who can suggest further sensitive activities and controls
  • automatic processing of results of questionnaires filled in by risk owners, with automatic inclusion of the results in special dashboards divided into groups of predicate offences/compliance areas, sensitive activities and risk owners
  • automated and real-time risk assessment conducted by the platform through custom algorithms, based on the two dimensions of the ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) methodology (inherent risk and residual risk)
  • risk prioritisation maps
  • organisation, management and monitoring of controls, and remediation of and followup on audit findings