Whistleblowing: the importance of robust workflows to manage reporting and investigation of company policy violations

Whistleblowing systems must enable the submission of reports of even only potential violations through various channels (email, post, hotline).

Reports have to be forwarded to the competent departments and control bodies to assess the veracity of violations reported.

Companies must also implement measures – including technical measures – to guarantee a whistleblower’s confidentiality and anonymity (if this is his/her wish) at every stage of a report’s internal management and analysis, and to keep the content of reports confidential.

Our whistleblowing services

We offer a range of services to help businesses structure their whistleblowing procedures to ensure compliance with sector-specific legislative requirements (e.g., Italy’s 231 Decree, banking regulations, and anti-money laundering regulations):

  • develop and adopt a whistleblowing procedure that complies with applicable legal requirements and is consistent with the company’s organisational model (and shareholders’ procedures)
  • adjust and extend the whistleblowing procedure to foreign companies in the group, with care taken to consider the legal requirements of the various countries involved and the respective companies’ organisational structure; this ensures that all group companies benefit from an essentially uniform whistleblowing system that meets all applicable legal requirements in the various countries, and avoids (to the extent possible) differences that could make management more complex within the group

Experts on hand to help you develop your whistleblowing procedures

The team is expert at creating whistleblowing systems. We can help you:

  • manage reports in accordance with the related company procedure
  • assist the company departments involved in managing reports
  • carry out periodic reporting for corporate bodies, structured according to your company’s needs
  • manage separate databases containing information on whistleblowers’ identities

A high-tech solution for reporting company policy violations

No matter what shape or form they take, violations can harm your company, employees and clients.

Our platform offers your employees a protected channel through which to send reports and allows your company’s competent departments to manage them confidentially, thereby guaranteeing the authenticity of the information reported.

You are ensured a comprehensive, up-to-date view of all reports, of the progress of investigations, and of the measures/corrective action taken. Our platform also allows you to automatically draw up complete, up-to-date reports for corporate bodies (inc. in aggregate form), generate statistics, and extract consolidated and specific data classified by purpose, reference period, communication channel, and so on.