Policy management: a new way to ensure the engagement of your workforce

Your workforce is sent the mobile app (also available as a web app) through which the various user groups receive company policies, guidelines/summaries, and training materials/tests. They also receive push notifications on new policies, along with materials and related tasks to complete. The app also serves as the means through which employees accept policies and obtain qualifications and certifications.

Engagement initiatives can be launched to share policies, related guidelines/summaries and training materials with users; at the end of these initiatives, you can ask your workforce to take tests and surveys for them to obtain appropriate user certification.

Customisable processes to engage employees

Each process is divided into three phases:

  • awareness and acceptance of policies
  • training
  • testing and certification (engagement)

The process can be carried out for each policy or compliance area and for each user group.

Once logged in to the app, users can view policies and related materials regarding the compliance area that concerns them. Users also receive reminders of incomplete activities or new activities involving the compliance areas they previously selected as areas of interest.

Employees can thus receive policies/procedures, sign them for acknowledgement and acceptance, consult all supporting materials, and obtain certifications by taking tests and completing qualification questionnaires/surveys.

Our compliance management platform gives your company’s compliance department a dashboard that allows it to monitor policies, engagement, training, and employees who have obtained qualifications (broken down by country, company, and department).

Our compliance team’s expertise maximised with digital technology

We help you draw up guidelines, reports, and training/test materials. The new materials are digitalised, entered into your company’s compliance management platform and managed through our policy management and policy engagement services.

Engagement and training: the importance of an innovative, digital approach

Are you looking for an innovative, digital approach to train your employees and ensure they are engaged? With our digital technology, you can be sure that your employees will always be up to date, thereby maintaining an ethical and compliant work environment. You will also be able to distribute all training materials internally and verify your workforce’s level of knowledge.

Our platform allows you to digitally manage training through a user-friendly interface. You can distribute training materials, guidelines on employee behaviour and summaries of significant company policies, and conduct awareness testing. You can also send real-time notifications of newly available materials or tasks to be carried out.

Naturally, you can track the progress of your employees’ activities, monitor their learning and evaluate KPIs in real time – so you can plan future activities in a way that ensures continuous improvement.

The dedicated app is built into our policy management service – employees and business associates can access the app and find notifications, activities and tasks to be carried out on their user profile. The app lets you:

  • access individual compliance areas and related content on demand
  • take advantage of advanced online content searches, a virtual assistant, and an online chat and support function (for employees only)
  • receive, sign and send compliance statements containing commitments to comply with your company’s compliance rules
  • conduct policy training and qualification tests easily, and receive support
  • access training programmes differentiated by target audience, country and language, with notifications, online sessions, testing and user qualification

AI and advanced features for your users

The platform comes with a virtual compliance advisor driven by an AI interface that learns from content and provides immediate support to users.

The app’s chat feature – available to both individuals and groups – allows employees to request assistance from their compliance department and share comments on specific topics.

Besides full traceability of all activities, data analytics can be generated through the platform for assessment.