SB support: digitally transform the work of SBs

Our platform allows you to intuitively and efficiently manage annual compliance plans, information flows between departments, SB meetings and the related minutes and documentation, SB oversight, and sessions to monitor employees’ level of knowledge of protocols and procedures and their application/effectiveness.

Digital features to support monitoring and supervision

Our platform has built-in features that allow you to manage reporting and to check the implementation status of 231 models in real time through customisable dashboards.

Here are the main features of our digital platform’s SB support service:

  • planning function: prepare, share, approve and manage an annual 231 compliance plan
  • deadlines: automatically schedule deadlines and alerts for 231 compliance activities and the SB
  • information flows: select report template, be guided on how to draw it up by responding to customisable questions, and manage the entire report workflow, inc. filing
  • SB meetings: schedule and organise meetings, store documentation for SB members in a digital repository, and manage the entire minutes workflow, inc. filing
  • controls: consult an inventory of second-level controls organised by process and risk
  • SB document library: get quick and easy access to all materials relating to SB activity
  • monitoring: customise checklists/surveys to verify knowledge and application of control mechanisms and evaluate their effectiveness, and engage process owners through the platform and mobile app
  • annual reporting: be guided through drawing up annual reports to be issued by the SB and the department in charge of the 231 model by responding to customisable questions
  • dashboard: identify KPIs and create customisable dashboards to have a realtime view of 231 model implementation