With us, this will no longer be a problem: with a single click, all your policies and procedures will be interconnected.

You can create, edit, approve and file policies, procedures and related materials such as summaries, guidelines, training materials, tests and instructions.

Policy management: the importance of a digital approach

Our technology allows you to tag every single part of a document with a hashtag, just like on social networks – this makes it easier to align various policies and gives you an advanced search interface to facilitate consultation.

And the convenience does not end there: you also have a virtual assistant always on hand on any device.

Digital transformation and policy management: an integrated process

There is a virtuous relationship between digitally transforming policies and their effective knowledge and application by the workforce and by third parties. Hence our first step: our compliance management services digitally transform all your company’s policies and related materials, which are then optimised for digital use and entered into your compliance management system. The policies and materials are divided up by the user group they are intended for, in accordance with criteria agreed beforehand with you, the client (country, company, business function, location, process).

The materials include all policies (including the code of ethics, 231 model, departmental/governmental memoranda, guidelines, procedures and any other internal regulatory instruments relevant to compliance) and related documentation, such as training and test materials, guidelines/reports, Q&As and FAQs.

Experienced policy management professionals to support your business

The compliance team is ready to meet your company’s every need through their expertise in policy management and the digital support of dedicated innovative tools.

Help desk and support

The compliance team is on hand to help your workforce: explaining company policies and related materials, assisting with policy signing processes, training, testing and qualification – you name it, we can handle it for you.

Users can send queries through the app, with each query recorded on the platform together with the answer. Answers to standard queries are prepared together with the client before the platform is launched; answers to non-standard queries are prepared ad hoc and run by the client before sending.

Regulatory monitoring and benchmarking policy

With our monitoring service, you can stay up to speed on relevant Italian and international legislation, caselaw and standards. Our service regularly informs you of any need to adjust/supplement your policies.

Reporting to corporate bodies

The team is able to generate a plethora of periodic reports from the compliance management digital platform: on active policies, engaged user groups, training, tests performed, employee certifications, help desk and support activities, regulatory updates, and policy adjustments.

Policy review and supplementation

Technical support with reviewing/supplementing existing policies or adding new ones is available at the push of a button. Inclusion in the compliance policy library and our standard employee engagement services are part of the package for new policies.

Policy management and technological innovation

Our digital platform’s policy management service is a management application that can be used on any device. It allows you to manage all policies and procedures related to risks and controls through a single app.

Here’s what you can do through our policy management service:

  • transform all policies, procedures and significant documents into smart documents so that they are always aligned and up to date, enable advanced user search capabilities, and teach the AI what it needs to know to be an effective virtual assistant; a single, digital workflow is in place to draft, approve, publish and update policies
  • differentiate management by company, country, business line, etc.
  • create, amend, approve and file policies and procedures and related materials (summaries, guidelines, training materials, tests, instructions, etc.)
  • align all content automatically
  • activate and manage employee awareness and engagement
  • organise and manage data/performance indicators
  • create and display custom dashboards
  • monitor and file support requests and employee feedback data

An allinone digital platform for policy management

Our platform allows compliance management departments to:

  • upload, amend, update and archive policies and related materials
  • activate new compliance programmes by creating and then circulating policies to all stakeholders, and provide training and online support

Users can also:

  • access all compliance materials quickly and easily on the app, directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • have instant access to compliance programmes that concern them

All this allows your workforce to have real-time access to your company’s code of ethics and rules of conduct – especially crucial when employees have to make decisions that could affect the company and its reputation. With our platform, the risk of conduct that conflicts with company policies – and of penalties in the event of violations – is greatly reduced.

The platform can be customised to meet your company’s needs, including in relation to your business area and the usual associated risks (safety, environment, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, human rights). The platform also offers a helpline to give employees real-time explanations or support relating to the effective application of policies, or to allow them to report any critical issues.