Third-party management: a managed service to assess compliance with your company’s policies

All reference standards require business associates to undergo a qualification, engagement and preventive control procedure – but applying this to hundreds of business associates can be extremely burdensome and difficult to implement.

We help ensure thirdparty compliance with the company’s code of ethics, including by circulating policies to them and conducting due diligence investigations.

A dedicated team with a digital approach

The team can give third parties access to your policies and related guidelines/summaries and training/test materials through a web app.

Through the app, third parties can sign policies and receive push notifications on new policies, along with materials and related tasks to complete.

You can rely on our compliance team to:

  • prepare questionnaires for the classification of third parties
  • draft compliance statements (i.e., the assumption of contractual commitments regarding compliance), which are sent to third parties together with the questionnaire through the app. Once completed/signed, third parties return them to the company through the app
  • analyse and report on the activities carried out

A service to engage third parties

Third-party engagement, training and testing is conducted through our digital platform’s third-party management service similarly to how we approach workforce engagement.