Policies: main challenges

Companies usually make their policies available on an intranet and hold training sessions for their employees.

But employees can find it hard to remember their training – so when they have to make a decision, they do not always remember the rule to adhere to.

Our solution: a digital compliance management platform

A client of ours was dealing with that exact problem, so together we decided they were a prime candidate for our policy engagement service, available throughour digital compliance management platform. Now their employees have easy access to policies anytime anywhere. 

All employees have a compliance app that provides:

  • access to the company’s policy library
  • summaries and FAQ for each policy
    • advanced searches by topic/tag with key points immediately displayed for all policies relating to the searched topic 
    • a chatbot that answers questions in plain language and directs employees to the applicable rule 
    • a chat line to receive help on policy interpretation from the compliance department 
    • data analytics on queries to monitor the most recurring/critical topics 

How we made a difference

Our compliance app to manage company policies 

Our compliance app vastly improves the user experience, especially compared to the traditional method of storing policies as PDF files in a network repository.  

The app streamlines the entire policy management process, including monitoring, and makes it much easier to prove the effective application of policies to the authorities if they ever come knocking. It provides employees fast access to whatever they’re looking for in a policy and prompt answers to their queries, thus reducing the risk of misconduct.