Key challenges in the third-party screening process

Compliance databases on the market can sometimes make screening easier because they cover such a broad range of areas– but the fact remains that they are international databases and thus are not always up to the task when it comes to local screening.

Thorough screening requires retrieving information from open sources on the web, but this takes a lot of time and resources and by no means ensures reliable findings.

It’s even more complex and time-consuming to combine all the information collected to create reports.

Third-party screening: our solution

Some of our clients were facing these very challenges, so we developed a third-party screening service to overcome them. Now our clients can benefit from third-party screening that combines international database searches with a research and analysis system that focuses on local open sources – all made possible by a metasearch engine powered by cutting-edge AI.

Each due diligence investigation is managed by one of our experts, who uses our digital platform to:

  • capture all useful information quickly
  • perform an analysis
  • check for false positives
  • create a red-flag report
  • draw up a final legal assessment

How we made a difference 

On-demand compliance screening and comprehensive due diligence in a matter of hours

Our on-demand compliance screening service is a great example of the power of our digital platform’s cutting-edge features: clients can now obtain a comprehensive due diligence report in a matter of hours.

What’s more, our service reduces costs for our clients – no more devoting internal resources to screening for days on end or having to invest in a major IT project.